We value the input and views of our customers extremely highly, and do our up most to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements that they require. We would love to hear your comments or suggestions you may have about any of our supplements. Due to the hugely positive impacts our products have had on customers lives, they have kindly provided us with excellent feedback, and have allowed us to share their experiences with other current and potential customers. This page provides some of the testimonials which have been provided to us.

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A very kind YouTube video from Zoe on the benefits she has found from New Horizons DistilPure MSM

"I was so thrilled to find a plant based product for joints. I put my 84-year-old dad on the High Strength Joint formula and he has had tremendous results. He has avoided having a knee replacement and his shoulders are pain free. He doesn't have arthritis pain anymore since he started this product almost 2 years ago. He won't be without it. Thank you for offering such high quality products!" - Sarah

“I had an injury to my knee due to a weight-lifting incident and this I believe caused arthritis in the joint. I came across New Horizons MSM many years ago now and just thought I would give it a try. After about two weeks the pain and stiffness disappeared; I thought this was too good to be true so I stopped using the product to see what would happen. About two weeks later both the stiffness and pain returned. I restarted using the product and once again, about two weeks later, the problems just went away … that's good enough for me.” - M. Davies

“When I first started taking BioAstin, I was in a lot of pain with a blocked back and neck, painful clavicle and shoulders and arms, as well as in my right hand with some arthritis and rheumatism, owing to my very damp housing conditions. These induced as well sleepless nights with coughing fits and a little asthma because of the fungi patches on the wall of my bedroom and kitchen. So I was thoroughly exhausted too. My only means of transport are on foot or cycling. I seldom take the bus because of the expense. I started taking 4mg BioAstin capsules twice daily and immediately I could feel more energy and endurance when cycling. Then the inflammation and pain in my back, neck right unto under the cervical vertebrae, painful shoulders and arms as well as right hand subsided to a great extent. After three weeks on 2 capsules per day, I noticed that my eyesight improved some. I am short-sighted and I just am seeing better now. Only some pain in my right hand is remaining on and off now, all the rest is gone. I feel a lot stronger and have far more vitality needing less sleep too. I am recommending it to my elder friends who have all sorts of aches and pains. So it is an all round positive feedback. I am looking forward to see what else might improve over time and if there will be further beneficial effects from taking BioAstin. I must emphasise though that I am also on a very clean, mostly raw, vegan diet for over 52 years and therefore haven't got a very toxic body to begin with so I tend to respond very fast to beneficial plants and plant food supplements." - Anon

"I have been using New Horizons MSM and MgO magnesium oxide for several months and have found them both to be beneficial. New Horizons are very prompt in delivery and reliable." - Anon

"Your MSM helps me maintain clearer, more radiant skin from top to toe. I used to take poor quality MSM and never noticed any difference but since taking the crystal flakes I have noticed my overall complexion seems more uniform, has a glow to it and simply looks more lovely." - Kate

“I was alerted to Astaxanthin by an American website that praised its benefits. However it was not economical to order from there and pay shipping charges. I found the Hew Horizons site by searching and it provides the purest form of the product available on the market. I began to take it and it has made a remarkable contribution to my health. A leg injury sustained in football has troubled me for 35 years. Every time I ran me knee hurt and swelled. After taking this product over time this no longer happened. I can now run 5 miles without a problem, This is entirely consistent with the medical benefits of the product that tackle free radical molecules which are released on burning energy in exercise. These find a weak spot to attach to (eye, any soft tissue, any injury spot). In my case they traveled to my knee and settled there in the soft tissue under the knee cap. The astaxanthin seems to have neutralised this effect. I do not believe this to be psycho somatic as the pain was constant and daily and now it is almost non existent. The product is not a cure but does reduce the disabling effects of the injury. As a consequence I am now really fit for the first time in 25 years as I can exercise consistently and regularly and not have to stop for long periods to let the swelling go down, thereby undoing the benefits of the work I have done. Another benefit has been to improve stamina and this is a clear benefit as I do not suffer lactic burn at all after intensive training and again this is a benefit claimed for the product. The benefit comes after 4 weeks and it is important also to adopt a nutritional outlook and exercise plan that fit with it as it is not a miracle cure but it is truly remarkable how much it has improved my quality of life. Singed off by a converted sceptic who tried the produce and found it worked!” - Chris

"Just wanted to write to say how impressed I was with the help and information your company provided, having not used Magnesium Oxide before, I had many questions which were all answered. I ordered the product in the afternoon and it was delivered the next morning! I'm feeling much brighter and have more energy, my skin seems to be glowing after taking the Magnesium Oxide for just over a week. Would definitely recommend the Magnesium Oxide and New Horizons! Thanks." - Ingrid

"I’ve been taking MSM flakes for several years now after being introduced through a workmate. I suffer from chronic back and joint pain and have found that by taking MSM that I no longer rely on painkillers to get me through the day. I have in turn recommended to my mother and other relatives who swear by it as part of their daily routine to help combat joint aches and pains. The prices have remained very competitive over the years with delivery and customer service second to none. For anyone who has to deal with daily pain and wants to try a natural product rather than rely on prescription painkillers, MSM is well worth a try." – Anon

“Easy to take and does not cause stomach pain as other sorts of Glucosamine can do. And it really does last for 4 months at the recommended dose!” — Ewa N

"I have used MSM Flakes on a daily basis for the last 18 months since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and/or Osteoarthritis. I had very restricted movement in both shoulders spreading down my arms. After daily exercise and MSM treatment the symptoms began to diminish to the extent that some 18 months later I now have 100% movement returned and no symptoms whatsoever." - Chris H

"We were told of a 'miracle' cure by MSM by an old friend and customer of yours. Being sceptical as I am I didn't quite believe him when he said that the relief he had from MSM had been so great and so quick. My wife decided to try it at our friends birthday. She suffers greatly (as I do also) from arthritis and for years has not been able to move her neck from side to side. Our friend gave us half a container to come home with and within a matter of days the improvements were substantial. So much that I gave it a try and yes we both now feel much better. My wife thought that as she was much more mobile she would stop using it and almost immediately the problems returned. So back to the drawing board - start taking the crystals again and back came the relief." - Anon

“Best MSM on the market AND the most economical! I have been using the flakes for a couple of years and not only my joints are no longer in pain but my hair has never looked better. I’ve just ordered my new batch over the phone and I must say it was great to get more info on the products and their benefits. Thank you guys!” — Benedetta F

“I have been buying High Strength Joint Capsules and MSM from New Horizons for many years. In my experience, the purity of their products cannot be beaten and their delivery service has always been exceptional. I find their website helpful as it contains comprehensive instructions and information about all the available products as well as the dosages required for optimum results. I attribute my pain free joints, healthy hair and nails etc to the New Horizon products which I intend to keep taking.” — M.S from Surrey

"I have been taking the MSM flakes from you and have to say they have worked really well for me. I suffer from a lot of back pain and since taking the MSM, it has dramatically reduced the pain.Anyone out there considering it – go for it!!!!I am now looking at the new product for testing the greens product, so watch this space.” — M.N from Kent

"I received the product MSM delivered on time by New Horizons , and will be repeating my order. I would recommend them as a company." - Joseph

"I suffer with multiple sclerosis and started taking MSM after being prescribed 100 paracetamol and ibuprofen regularly for pain relief /month. It has been brilliant as I don't take any other pain relief other than 8 MSM capsules / day. So pleased I have recommended it to friends who are also taking it regularly and similarly avoid other prescription pain relief. The service I received is also brilliant re-ordering one day and its delivered next day every time. Really pleased with this product and service. Will definitely continue to recommend." - Jennifer W

“I had already researched info regarding MSM Jan 2007 when I had particularly dry skin. I tried to locate the gel mentioned in that article and surprised when it was only supplied in America and although the cost was reasonable the shipping was horrendous at $30 extra and on EACH bottle. I was glad when googled again in 2012 and eventually found your company selling the FLAKES. bought the book. I tried minimum quantity to see if I could make up as per your recipe and it works. I have to reduce quantity of water involved as already a Lotion rather than a Cream BUT it does thicken over time. If gets too thick will just add water and shake. I also now include scant level teaspoon FLAKES in water twice daily. The pain relief is brilliant and dry skin is improving no end (better then previous Petroleum Jelly). I started using the crystal flakes on the 18th September 2012 = just over 2 weeks ago. There are no side-effects as yet but don’t expect any – will save money on previous pain relief products also. I can’t speak too highly about this product and your delivery is excellent - next day by post if ordered early in the day.” — Jill D

"Thank you for a great product, and giving me my mobility back through MSM. I am also completely pain free." - MD

“I am a very active 62 year old retired teacher. I have osteoarthritis in both knees, and four years ago I fell and broke my foot in four places. It healed incorrectly, and I have had nothing but severe pain and trouble with it since then. I take Celebrex, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, fish oil tablets, synvesc shots for my knees, and cortisone shots in the top of my foot as often as medically possible. I have done the 60 mile/3 day walk for breast cancer twice, and I have completed many long hikes, including the four day Inca Trail in Peru, Mt. Whitney, and Pike’s Peak. Through all of these my knees and foot caused me great pain and interfered with my enjoyment. A few months ago as I was watching Dr. Oz, a doctor came on and explained about the new supplement, astaxanthin. I thought I would give it a try. I went to my nearest health food store, where we buy all of our supplements, to inquire about the product. An employee there said she had been in an accident and took BioAstin, and it was like a miracle. So, what the heck, I gave it a try. I should be your spokes person. It is like a miracle. I just hiked Mt. Whitney for the second time on Sept. 8th with my husband and family for our 40th wedding anniversary. Sure my muscles are sore after 21 miles in one day, but none of my joints hurt, and my foot is just fine. I have never had anything work this well. It is just as the Henry’s employee said, “It is like a miracle!!” Thank you very much. Now I can continue my life full of hiking to new and wonderful places. We will be doing an eight day hike to Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in February, and now I am not worried about being crippled by my foot or knees and not being able to finish it.” - LW