How Should I Take MSM?

Ok, so we’ve convinced you of the benefits of MSM. Or maybe you’ve come to us already having done your research, and you’re well aware of how important it is. In short, the body works like a circuit. All the elements in the circuit must be functioning correctly, or the whole circuit is broken. Sulphur is an essential mineral, and a vital component in creating that healthy circuitry. Everyone notices the difference when they start supplementing with MSM, no matter how well they feel to begin with. 

So what’s the best way to get your daily dose of MSM?

Unfortunately, unlike a lot of other superfoods, you can’t just put it in a smoothie. MSM has a strong, bitter, and well, sulphurous flavour, which is hard to disguise. Add it to a fruit smoothie or some date and nut energy balls, and you’re going to ruin them, unfortunately.

So here are our suggestions on how to get it down:

  • Just put it in a glass of water, stir well, and knock it back. Quick and easy!
  • Add it to orange juice. The sweetness of the orange juice will mask the flavour a little. You still need to knock it back though.
  • Make MSM lemonade with coconut water and lemon juice. This is a very refreshing, cleansing drink, perfect after exercise. The tartness of the lemon disguises the bitterness of the MSM a little. Add some honey, stevia or maple syrup if you wish.
  • If you are familiar with naturopathic techniques, you may also want to consider MSM enemas. Putting MSM in your enema water is a very effective way to get it absorbed into the body. Add 1T MSM to 1 litre water and blend to dissolve, before using it in your enema bag. 

Can’t I take capsules if I don’t like the taste?

Of course, capsules are an option, and that’s why we sell them here. But to get a decent dose of MSM, you need to take 10 capsules at a time – that’s a lot of capsules to swallow!

How Much MSM Should I Take? 

10g 3-4 times a week is a good maintenance dose, for

  • Anyone doing a lot of sports
  • Yogis
  • Those who work in manual labour
  • Anyone looking to recover from an accident or injury
  • Anyone with inflammatory joint issues


If you’re doing extreme amounts of exercise, or you’re looking to heal quickly, you can take more than that, around 20g. But be warned, if you take too much it can become detoxifying, and you might find yourself feeling enervated and restless, as if you’ve drunk too much coffee. This is just excess energy being released in the body, and nothing to worry about, simply slow down your dosage to a level that feels more comfortable.