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About our MSM

We are often asked if our MSM is natural source (pine tree) or petrochemical.

This page is intended to give a description on our source material, and the MSM production process, and highlight some of the key points that is unique to our MSM.

Pine tree MSM means that the methoxyl group of the raw material has been taken from a plant source, rather than an alternative supplied by refining oil. Traditionally that source would have been trees that had been pulped for paper.

In early 2011, the key supplier of this raw material ceased, opting to produce petrochemical derived material instead. As we had always opted to use the plant source, this created a problem.

Since that time we have worked to create an alternative plant source raw material. We now use a raw material that is unique, created on our behalf under contract, only for our MSM.

We test each batch of our raw material with an independent specialist using C14 to determine the plant source. We achieve a 100% bio carbon test result.

Our MSM is made in a dedicated facility, and is purified by distillation. This is a little like water can be purified by boiling and collecting the steam, and condensing the steam back to water. You may remember the Liebig condenser experiment in the school lab as an example!

The alternative is to crystallize and then filter the MSM, which is the most common method. The difficulty with this is a tendency to leave impurities, and traces of the raw material Ė this can have an unpleasant odour.

Why do we do this?

We do this because purity is a major concern for most consumers, and where there is the ability to use a superior grade product, we will do it. We use plant based material in our raw material as we believe that customers want it.

What is the purity level?

Our purity level for the MSM is >100%.

What else is tested for in the final product?

  • Moisture
  • DMSO (any residue can taint the product)
  • Aerobic plate count
  • Yeast/mould
  • E. Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Arsenic
  • Cadmium
  • Mercury
  • Lead

Do you add flow agents / fillers?

No we donít.

Is there any difference between your crystal flakes and your capsules?

The MSM is exactly the same; it is just a different way of taking the product.

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